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Money Manifestation - Hardcover Journal

Money Manifestation - Hardcover Journal

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Unleash the power of abundance with our Money Manifestation Journal.

This enchanting hardcover is more than a journal; it's a gateway to financial empowerment. The design, inspired by money manifestation meditation, infuses each page with prosperity vibes.

Complementing your reflections are Manifesting Money Phrases by Michelle J Lamont, guiding your thoughts toward wealth creation.

What makes it truly extraordinary is the exclusive meditation audio by Michelle, turning your journaling into a magnetic force for money manifestation. Elevate your financial mindset, track your prosperity journey, and script your financial success.

This isn't just a journal; it's a tool to manifest the wealth you deserve.

  • Full wraparound print
  • 150 lined pages (75 sheets)
  • Matte finish
  • Casewrap binding

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